Transform your body and feel your best with the Strong Body Nutrition Guide!



Imagine being able to transform your body while still being able to enjoy the foods you love!

With The Strong Nutrition Guide It's Possible!

I'm Here to Help You:

  • Create a plan specific to your goals with a Customizable Meal Planner

  •  Take control of your nutrition with in-depth guides on Macros, Supplements and More

  •  Track your progres with calorie tools, a Macro Calculator & Cheatsheets

  •  Prepare for your week with Grocery Guides

  •  Plan out your meals with 50+ Professionally Curated Recipes

    And so much more…


Here's A Sneak Peak at What's Inside!


Nutrition Fundamentals 

Master all the nutrition basics so you can find a plan that works for your individual body and your specific goals! 

Learn all about:

  • Energy Balance, calories, metabolic adaptation, Macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • How to build a perfect, balanced meal to suit YOUR goals. 
  • Pre + Post Workout meals and supplementation.
  • Tips on meal planning, cooking prep and dining out. 

Strong Recipe Guide!

Get access to over 50 delicious, balanced and quick meals so you never have to think about what to add to your weekly menu! 


  • 19 Breakfast Recipes
  • 42 Lunch and Dinner Recipes 
  • 11 Snack and dessert Recipes
  • All recipes can be modified to fit your specific dietary needs. 
  • All meals are well balanced, high-protein meals to keep you satiated and energized throughout the day! 

Worksheets and Charts!

The Strong Body Nutrition Guide is jam-packed with all the tools, worksheets and guides  for all your nutritional needs.

This includes:

  • Calorie + Macro Worksheets
  • Goal Setting Worksheets
  • Meal Planning Weekly Printouts
  • Shopping Lists
  • Helpful, easy to digest tips and tricks
  • More...



Real Women. Real Results!

In eight weeks, I lost 20 lbs and 12.75 inches. But I gained a NEW RESPECT FOR MYSELF & MY BODY! MY LIFE IS COMPLETELY CHANGED!

I can feel ALL the parts of me getting stronger, inside and out.  This is the best decision I’ve made for ME in a very long time.


I've always loved fitness and eating healthy, but I've "yo-yoed" and every time I quit, I feel awful for months to years before I try again. I no longer survive off spinach and baked chicken. I no longer run on the treadmill 6 miles and then weight train for two hours every day. I no longer gorge myself on gimmicks and short-term trials in an effort to make myself feel better from the outside in. I eat good food, treats in moderation, and give my workouts my all without getting burnt out, and my body is changing more than it ever has!



This has truly changed how I think about my health! I now know that I am worthy and deserving of a healthy lifestyle and that I don't need to keep yo-yo dieting because this is sustainable. I am down 10 pounds! But I am also so much stronger, I ate the right foods so I never felt deprived, I slept well, and I handled daily stress so much better.I have felt an overall sense of calm within my daily routines I have created. 


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Habit Transformation Guide

This habit-based program will help you truly understand how important your habits are to achieving a healthy, strong body with small yet high- impact habit changes you can put in place and follow through with everyday. 

Cooking Substitutions Guide

The lists to help you replace ingredients with confidence. 

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High-Protein Recipe Pack!

Need even MORE recipe inspiration? Included with your purchase today, I'm throwing in an extra 30 FREE recipes that are high protein, easy to make and will help you move even closer to your goals!

Vegetarian Recipe Pack!

While all the recipes can be made veggie with a swap or two, I'm throwing in my Vegetarian recipe pack to make it easier on you! 

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Will this work for YOU? 

Absolutely! I've designed this program to be SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE, and to give you everything you need to succeed!

In my experience testing dozens of diets over the years, the majority of them left me feeling miserable, my social life suffered, and I just didn’t feel good…  

That’s where the Lean Fast is different. This approach is enjoyable and allows you to live your life the way you want to. And the best part is...

And most importantly, with the tools and knowledge you gain from the Strong By Sierra Nutrition Guide, your life will no longer revolve around dieting!

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