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A program for Every body!

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are looking to get stronger and more fit, Strong by Sierra makes it easy for you to reach your goals with all the tools you need in one spot!

Transform Your body With Strength Training You Can Do Anywhere!

Workout with me wherever is convenient for you! Your moves, reps, sets, and rests are all laid out for you. 

You’ll even get videos with voiceovers and detailed instructions to help you nail form and technique.


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Meal Plans to help you get results and feel your best! 

Whole foods. Nutrient-dense meals. Uncomplicated recipes. No stressing about what to eat or when!

Follow expertly curated plans to get results or create your own. 

Over 1000+ recipes to choose from!

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An Inspiring and Supportive Community! 

A community of like-minded humans to help and support you along the way, empower you and hold you responsible.

Support directly from Sierra via a private Facebook Group.


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What amazing results will YOU achieve?

Check out a few testimonials below from members who followed my programs! 


I lost 24 pounds and kept it off! This program is so much more than a fitness program! It truly focusing on the outside and the inside. Sierra you’re amazing & you’ve honestly changed my life for the better. 


There are no words to truly explain how this program has changed my life, but to sum, it has made me more confident, more filled with self-love, and more filled with pride for my abilities to make positive steps in my life. I feel healthier, I am happier, I love myself more, and my clothes fit SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! -


I can feel ALL the parts of me getting stronger, inside and out. This is the best decision I’ve made for ME in a very long time. I am so humbled and grateful for this new beginning. 


I came to Sierra wanting to tone and build muscle. Over my 3+ years of working with her, I was able to achieve my goal of gaining 10 lbs in muscle. I now feel healthy and as strong as ever. Before working with her, I didn’t have a solid workout plan in place and had a hard time building muscle. She created a meal and workout plan for me that was attainable yet effective. She challenged me, but did not leave me feeling burnt out. I look forward to our workouts every week and am grateful to have her as a trainer and a friend.


I feel empowered again. I've always loved fitness and eating healthy, but I've "yo-yoed" and every time I quite, I feel awful for months to years before I try again. Thank you for this program! 


I just love love love Sierra’s personal touch and involvement and the time she puts in. Every week is super valuable, and of course all the kick-ass (literally kicked my a$$) workouts where she focuses on the form are why it’s super effective.


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Hi, I'm Sierra!

Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist. Entrepreneur. Lover of Good Humans. Turning Struggle into Strength.

My mission is to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel sexy, strong, and confident in their own skin! Because fitness is so much more than losing weight. It’s about loving your body, living a healthier lifestyle, and being the best, strongest version of you that you can be.
More About Me

What Do YOU Desire?

Right now, ask yourself “what’s MY fitness goal?”

  • Burn fat & feel more confident in clothes
  • Get stronger, elevate energy and improve health
  • Look and feel better
  • All the above

What’s Holding You Back?

Your desires can feel impossible to achieve…

  • Maybe you just don’t know where to begin, and it feels overwhelming?
  • Maybe you tried before and had a bad experience?
  • Maybe you feel too busy right now, and you’re gonna put it off until “later”...

Here’s a simple truth:

You’re reading this right now because deep down you know you can improve.

Even small steps towards self-improvement can significantly improve how you look, how you feel and how you live your life!

So, while there’s plenty of reasons for holding back, maybe…

You just haven’t found the right fit, and that’s about to change!


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