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Introducing the highly-praised Mind-Body-Soul program that's got women raving! 

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“In eight weeks, I lost 20 lbs and 12.75 inches. This is the best decision I’ve made for ME in a very long time.”

"My life is completely changed. My heart is changed. I feel healthier from the inside out. I can’t remember the last time I felt this way.”  

“I'm exiting the "victim" mode I've been in for years and entering the responsible and powerful role I truly am and have hidden for years. I feel empowered again.”  

Let me ask you a question...

  • Have you ever felt like you’re just not "good enough?"
  • Do you feel disappointed when you look at yourself in the mirror? 
  • Have you ever found yourself determined to commit to a diet and healthy lifestyle, only to fall off the wagon 2 weeks later?
  • Do you get frustrated that, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to shake the patterns that KEEP showing up for you? That maybe you're just "broken?" 
  • Do you believe change just isn't possible because you’ve tried before and failed (and that must mean you’re not capable of transformation)
  • Do the pressures and expectations of your relationships or job ever leave you feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and wishing you could just quit it all?
  •  Do you find yourself feeling sad and stressed ALL the time. As if life is like a black hole and you can't seem to get ahead?
  • Do you struggle with motivation and find that those healthy habits you try to establish never last?

If so, you are NOT alone! 


And like so many women, you’ve probably gone about fixing it the wrong way.  

You’ve looked up all of the most popular diets. You’ve tried many of them, along with detoxes, supplements, ab routines, and every other solution that promised great results in almost record time.  

And guess what? It’s not your fault. It’s what magazines, the internet, and society tell us to do. Heck, I did the same thing myself.  

But here’s what you need to know:  

Trying to fix your physical body’s appearance WITHOUT changing your “inner landscape” is like throwing a boomerang and hoping that it doesn’t come flying right back in the same direction.  

It doesn’t matter what tactic or strategy you try. It doesn’t matter what exercises or affirmations you do. Because it’s your deeply-held inner BELIEFS that determine the results you get out of a diet, exercise protocol...or anything else in life.  

Your outer experience is just a reflection of your inner beliefs. And it’s a fact that none of us can escape.  

It's as real as gravity. You can't see it in front of you, but it's definitely still there. Acting against your body every single waking moment of your day and life.  

But there’s a way out.


  • Waking up every day feeling energized, joyful and motivated to finally take the actions you know will change your life...
  • Being able to feel confident about your body and wear your favorite clothes again. 
  • Living a life where you are freefrom yo-yo dieting and are able to keep the weight off for good!
  • Building strength & being motivated to workout so you have the ENERGY to move through your day with ease.
  • Being able to shut off the voices of shame and self-doubt. 
  • Being crystal clear on your goals, who you are and want you want with a real path to get there.
  • Moving through your day without constantly judging or criticizing yourself, instead learning how to love who you are and show compassion to yourself. 
  • Being able to forgive yourself and stop holding on to all the baggage from your past so you can finallly step into who you were meant to me! 
  • Giving up your unhealthy behaviors and thoughts once and for all so you can finally start living the life you deserve!!  

Sound too good to be true? I don’t blame you.

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If you told me the same thing just 4 years ago, I would have scoffed.  

But what I’ve learned has made all the difference. It’s shown me that this CAN be achieved.  

And more importantly, it’s shown me how to repeat the results time after time in the lives of other women. And help THEM take hold the empowering future and beautiful life they deserve. The one we’re ALL entitled to.  

Because here’s the thing:  

This isn’t just another cookie-cutter diet protocol or “fast weight loss” course.  

(What nobody tells you is that trying to lose weight without fixing your inner beliefs just gets you ‘rubber band’ rebounds that leave you worse off than you started.)  

And no, this isn't just surface level affirmations and “gratitude exercises.”  

(I’ve tried those. Yes, they have their place. But they’re nowhere near enough by themselves.)  

Inside the Your Soul Sexy program, with the guidance of myself and support from the community, you’ll get the opportunity of a transformation unlike anything else available.  

I’ll teach you proven, simple, step-by-step actions that will help you step into who you were always meant to be and create the life you've dreamed of faster than you ever thought possible.  

You'll learn directly from me how to rewire your mind, stop self-sabotage, take care of your body and help you truly love yourself so you can live your most beautiful life - mentally, physically and spiritually.  

You’ll get the support of women just like you who are on the same path - and get the accountability and motivation you need to take the best possible actions for yourself.


Hi! My Name Is Sierra!

I’m a speaker, trainer, nutritionist and transformation coach.  

And just 4 years ago I hit rock bottom. Hard.  

I lost my mom to cancer in June 2015 and felt like I’d lost it all. It was the darkest and most heartbreaking time of my life. I thought I would never recover.  

But I knew my mom wouldn’t want that for me. It was time for a new chapter in my life. I was determined to become the healthiest and happiest version of myself - for her. For myself.

I took almost a year off after that. I dug deep about my meaning, my purpose and how to create real change for myself. How to actually show up as my true authentic self and give this life everything I had.  

I realized that I’d been falling into the same trap I’d seen so many women fall into before. I didn’t have a clear understanding of who I really was. I got too wrapped up in who the outside world wanted me to be. I let letting others’ judgements and beliefs about me stop me from creating space for who I was supposed to be. I didn’t have the ENERGY and motivation to get up and make change.  

It all changed when I finally faced my inner bully and understood why she believed what she believed. I learned how to reframe those thoughts into empowering ones and how to honor my emotions. I understood that what I was going through was exactly what I needed to become who I am today. I had the power to change the story. And beyond mastering my mindset, I learned that taking care of myself and nourishing my body was extremely important.  

It ended up being the most transformative year of my life. And my own negativity and anxiety was replaced with the burning desire to help other beautiful women do the same.  

I became a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition coach, meditation specialist and self love transformation coach.  

I now spend my time working with clients and speaking across the country helping women cultivate self worth through embracing what makes you different, tuning out the voice of comparison and using the psychology of self-esteem and the science of personal health to help you overcome feelings of inadequacy so you can live your most beautiful life physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Start Your Soul Sexy Today!

Are you ready to make YOURSELF a priority and commit to becoming your healthiest and happiest self this year!?

What You Get With The Program

Here are all the incredible tools you get immediately when you sign up today!


8 Weeks of functional, full body workouts with video tutorials that can be done from ANYWHERE. Only dumbbells required. These workouts are designed to burn body fat and build strength while being simple, fun and energizing. Because an overly tough or boring workout program that feels impossible to stick to doesn't actually get any results. 

( VALUE: $750)


A full self-guided nutrition plan with meal guidelines and trainings on how to build your own plan based on your individual nutritional needs. You'll learn how to be the master of your own diet and make the best possible food choices for yourself (because everyone is different).

Also includes an approved foods / beverages list, supplement recommendations, healthy food swaps and recipes! At the end of the 8 weeks you will be able to make healthy choices that personally work for you! This is NOT a one size fits all program. Vegan and vegetarian swaps available. 

( VALUE: $500 )


Weekly self-love and personal growth video based trainings designed to give you an experience just like having a personalized, one-to-one session with me.

You’ll get clear on what’s most important to you, what’s been holding you back, and exactly what rituals to perform to start off every day right.  

You’ll find out the inner stories that have been secretly hurting you and rewrite them into new, empowering ones. You’ll get specific written exercises to help you rewire your mental dialogue and disarm negative emotions.  

You’ll learn how to honor and feel truly grateful for your own uniqueness so that you become your own constant source of positivity. Then, you’ll make the shift into finding out how you can create value and lift up those around you - because giving back is the best feeling of all.  

( VALUE: $1600 )

Plus these amazing bonuses!

Don't miss out!



Weekly self-love and personal growth worksheets to accompany each weeks video training to integrate what you’ll experience in the videos into your own life.

( VALUE: $250 )



This group is unlike any other you’ll find online. This space is the heart and soul of the community. It’s filled with incredible people asking for and providing help, strength, support, motivation to each other. Sierra will be in here with you answering your questions and sharing exercises and insights to help on your self love journey. 

( VALUE: $100 )



Never worry about falling behind again because you will be able to revist your program as many times as you want with lifetime access to the program. 

( VALUE: $100 )

TOTAL VALUE = $3,300

A one hour, one-on-one session with me costs $350

But this full program covers so much more than I could even cover with you in 10 sessions.  

I wanted to create a FULL mind body soul program that was affordable for you so I am offering everything in one bundle for an incredible price of only:

$199 for a LIFETIME!  

Don’t let yourself miss out on an experience the future you will forever thank you for.

You've Got Two Options!



Single Payment




2 Monthly Payments


There is NOTHING else like YOUR SOUL SEXY!

I've done the research. When I started my own self love journey, I WISHED there was something out there like this program. I searched high and low for a TRUE mind body soul program that would help me create the life that my heart and soul SO desired. But I just couldn't find one. So I created it myself. It has been such a blessing to see how many lives it's changed in such a profound, beautiful way. And this LEVEL of transformation is possible for YOU TOO! This course might not be an overnight fix, but incredible results are NOT reserved only for the lucky few. This kind of lasting fulfillment is available to anyone (yes, even you!). When you invest in yourself, put the work into practice, and break the old patterns, transformation is inevitable. You get to make the chice to change your life for the better today. I only hope you choose what’s helped so many other women to finally become the healthiest, happiest and sexiest versions of themselves. I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to see you inside.

Check out some of these Life-Changing results from the program:


I can feel ALL the parts of me getting stronger, inside and out. Tackling the “why” behind how I got here is what will make lasting change for a healthier life. This is the best decision I’ve made for ME in a very long time. The tribe of Your Soul Sexy warriors  have inspired me, shared their pain, made me laugh, celebrated with me, and made me feel comfortable to be on this journey with trusted friends all around the world. What a gift.  Sierra and my #ysstribe have absolutely changed my mind, my heart...and my life. I am so humbled and grateful for this new beginning. "  - Tiara 


"It's truly by the grace of God that I found out about the Your Soul Sexy program, and jumped on the band wagon to join the team. My life will never be the same and for that, I thank you. Every lesson has given me the opportunity to dig deep into my wounded heart and heal the scars and fresh wounds there. I'm exiting the "victim" mode I've been in for years and entering the responsible and powerful role I truly am and have hidden for years. I feel empowered again. I've always loved fitness and eating healthy, but I've "yo-yoed" and every time I quite, I feel awful for months to years before I try again. 

I no longer survive off spinach and baked chicken. I no longer run on the treadmill 6 miles and then weight train for two hours every day. I no longer gorge myself on gimmicks and short-term trials in an effort to make myself feel better from the outside in. I eat good food, treats in moderation, and give my workouts my all without getting burnt out, and my body is changing more than it ever has. I attribute majority of this to the new-found health of my heart and soul. You're right - I can only be truly healthy when I begin being healthy from the inside out. This is something I've negated for years. This is new territory for me and I'm so grateful to have my #TeamYSS behind me and your encouragement. Thank you for this program. For following your heart to create something like this and sharing it with so many others who need health and healing from the inside out." - Courtney 


I gained 60 lbs after my pregnancy and for a year I’ve been trying to shed the last 10-15lbs but no luck, I have too many excuses, then what a blessing when I came across Sierra’s program. I didn’t realize that I’ll gain so much valuable information and such a great support group. I actually lost the weight but I’m not stopping here. This will be a new lifestyle for me. I just love love love Sierra’s personal touch and involvement and the time she puts in. I love the soul-fit challenges, every week is super valuable, and of course all the kick-ass (literally kicked my a$$) workouts where she focuses on the form, that’s why it’s super effective. My personality changed big time. I don’t just react to things anymore and I always try to find balance in everything. I also learned that excuses were the biggest cop out from the weak old me. Sierra, my heart is full of love and gratitude. I’m sooo grateful for everything that I’ve learned from you especially self-love. Thank you sooo much!! This program is 💯% highly recommended, I joined this program not knowing I’ll gain sooo much more important things applicable to daily life and loosing weight just comes naturally. - Arianne


Starting the program from a self-love focus really gave me the tools to want to stick with the program for my general health, not just for the "stereotypical bikini bod." There really are no words to truly explain how this program has changed my life, but to sum, it has made me more confident, more filled with self-love, and more filled with pride for my abilities to make positive steps in my life. I feel healthier, I am happier, I love myself more, and my clothes fit SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! I realized how much I have lived my life trying to make other people happy, and reversing those behavioral patterns has given me space to really step into who I want to be and face fears I have never before been able to do. THANK YOU SIERRA FOR CHANGING MY LIFE <3" - Allana


"Lost 24 pounds and kept it off! This program is so much more than a fitness program! It truly focusing on the outside and the inside. I had loads of anxiety and depression and I can tell it’s slowing starting to go away. Sierra you’re amazing & you’ve honestly changed my life for the better " -- Heather  


"Before the program I used to doubt myself so much. I would constantly be down and fed up and hated my body. And now I could not be happier.... I love the change due to my attitude as much as my body. And it's not stopping here. I notice my self so much happier. Even my relationship is a 100% better because of the change of my attitude. I am a lot more positive with everything. A lot more confident in myself and started helping people out do the same for themselves as well as we need to spread this all around!! I recommend this program to everyone. We need more of this around to help people realize they are worth so much more that what they think. Thank you Sierra for this amazing experience and for helping me feel this way and want to make sure to help people with the same... its such a life change!!" - Gabriela 


"I cannot express how much this has helped me and my outlook, my approaches, my marriage, my work attitude and my attitude towards so much around me. I am my happy, playful self again. I missed this version of me. I have come to love myself and stop loathing on my flaws and learn from hem to be better each passing day. And also learn to love them because they have made me who I am now. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful team of beings in my life and on my journey.” - Caroline


"I have grown so much and learned so much about what makes me sparkle inside even when the outside doesn’t feel so sparkly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for embracing me when my abilities are so different. This program helped me realize it isn’t just about losing weight and getting fitter. Its about loving me as I am and celebrating every small achievement because damn they add up! Life is so much more beautiful when we can look at the mirror like we do at our best friends when they are falling apart or having a bad day and just say “Babe, I got you. You deserve the world and I love you!” - Rebecca

Are you ready for your own transformation??

The choice is yours. Stay where you are, stuck, confused, and struggling… or change for the better. Which path will you choose? You wanted to know how to change. The answers are here. There is so much we can do in 8 weeks together. So much we can shift when we share the work. YOU are your own best investment. And I’m calling you forward to invest in yourself right now. Join me, and let’s start this journey together. You ARE worth it. Change IS possible. And we can do this TOGETHER. Use this opportunity. Make the most of it. Let the next eight weeks be the time in your life where meaningful, positive change starts – and stays.


"It's so empowering. I would say my biggest revelation is learning that I am worth it. I'm worth my time, I'm worth my energy, it's not just about eating right, and working out, but taking care of my soul and putting myself in the position to be around those who inspire me and lift me up, so that I can in turn inspire others and lift them up. 

I think it is so important that you have Incorporated these aspects to being healthy humans. Health, Fitness, Soul. Knowing that we all have your support, and having each other, having a tribe, it made a huge difference. I am so grateful for everything. And grateful that this is just the beginning, and we can all continue to grow together! -- Jennifer 


"It has really changed my mindset and life. It has helped me completely change the way I look at myself, my body, my food, and my workouts.  

The workouts were perfect, especially since you offered modification(s) for almost every one. I'm a physical therapist, so I know a good workout when I do one! You targeted EVERYTHING and you did it in a fun, never-boring, challenging, whole-body program.  

I just think the comprehensiveness of this program is unmatched by anything else. This is EXACTLY what I needed. I’ve never found a program quite like this and been able to stick with so long and see REAL progress. I’m loving this new attitude and this new me that I see in the mirror every day." - Jaime  


"I was sedentary and watching other people’s success and allowing my RA to hold me back as an excuse. Through the program I found my confidence as I encouraged other women and watched their growth. Encouraging other women was the best! I didn’t realize it was such a part of me, but commenting, private messaging and emailing the women in the group encouraging messages was so empowering for my SELF as well! I can honestly say that for the first time in my adult life I’m eating for health and wellness vs eating crap. I’m headed down a path that I didn’t predict. My daughter is seeing a stronger mom and my husband is noticing my confidence return. It’s been an exciting ride! This is a lifestyle change for me." - Laura 


I was struggling a lot with the way I saw myself, thought about myself, and spoke to myself. I didn't think I could change, or grow, or make things better. It's amazing when you get real with yourself, how easily all the bullshit fades away and you can admit to yourself what's real and what's valuable and important to be the best version of yourself; and be happy. I don't think I realized how powerful and damaging that can be until this program. I could actually feel the want to take care of my mind and my body, not because I hated those things; because I wanted to care for them and nurture them. Because I truly love myself. I think with social constructs these days, it's almost impossible to find a program that isn't solely focused on outer appearance. It was a real breath of fresh air. - Emily 


Prior to performing this program I was unaware of how toxic I was being to myself. It wasn’t until this challenge where I realized I was my worst critic and I need to change my mindset before anything, or else my hard work in the gym or kitchen wouldn’t matter at all. This program has changed my mindset about my entire fitness journey. I was unaware of the negative impact my mindset was having on my fitness journey and my well-being. I have seen physical changes, emotional changes and societal changes because I am able to give better advice to my friends due to the improved mind set that I have." - Bethany  


"I loved that the workouts were something that we all could easily complete at home and knowing you had a whole support system behind you made things so much better as well. Although I am not done yet, I can honestly say that my mind set is changing. I’ve been more upbeat and able to enjoy myself more. It’s different because you actually can talk to Sierra and she doesn’t just brush you off. She genuinely cares about all of us." -- Chelsea  


Is it a recurring payment or one time payment? 

It is NOT recurring! You can either pay a one time payment of $199 or TWO monthly payments of $99.50.

When does the course start and finish? 

The course begins as soon as you complete your purchase! It is designed so you can go at your own pace! Occasionally, we will run challenges as a community, and you will be notified of those via email. 

How long do I have access to the program? 

Once you buy, you will have LIFETIME access to the program, INCLUDING any future additions to the program! You can repeat the program as many times as you'd like! 

What if I am new to working out? Do I HAVE to do the workouts? 

The workouts are built so ANYONE can do them! There will be modifications to the moves if you are a beginner. If you choose to forgo the workouts and choose to focus more on the self love trainings and/or nutrition plan, that is totally fine! However, it IS recommended to do all 3 for a full mind body soul transformation!

What if I already have my own workout program I follow and I want to just do the self love trainings? 

Totally fine!! You can do whatever workouts you prefer. I'm happy as long as you are moving and showing that body some love! 

Do I need to go to a gym or buy equipment for the workouts? 

You do NOT need to go to a gym for these workouts. They can be done from ANYWHERE. The thing you will need are a pair of dumbbells. If you are unsure of which weight you should buy, maybe buy a couple - one lighter and one heavier. 

Do I need anything special for the Self Love Trainings? 

Nope, just your beautiful self! There will be print outs for you each week with the exercises although you are free to use your own journal as well. 

Will I have access to the 8 weeks all at once? 

No, the program is set to drip you new content each week so you don't get overwhelmed and so you can keep focused on the week at hand. You will have access to all of the intro videos, prep work and Week 1 starting on your purchase date. You will receive email notifications when new content is available. MAKE SURE TO ADD MY EMAIL TO YOUR CONTACTS so you don't miss any important emails that can sometimes end up in spam or "promotions!!" 

Who do I contact for additional information?  

Please email Sierra at [email protected].


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