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Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Your Soul Sexy!

My mission and goal for YSS is simple — to, with your help, redefine what it means to be “sexy” today and to inspire you to create the healthy, happy, sexy life that you DESERVE!

Everywhere we turn today, we are flooded with messages and inspiration to get in shape, start eating healthy, focus on self-growth and to follow our dreams. Prioritizing your self-care and deciding to follow your dreams is much easier when everything seems to be going right and the odds are in your favor. But what about when they’re not? When life throws you a curveball and the going gets tough? When you suffer the loss of a loved one and feel like you lost yourself?  When your circumstances make it seem impossible to do so? Or simply when you feel burnt out and can’t seem to find the time?

Unfortunately, I know all too well about major life curveballs, unfortunate circumstances and feeling rundown. But I also know a lot about overcoming them.  The biggest one of them all being when my mother, Kathy, my best friend, was diagnosed for the second time with Stage 4 Lymphoma in September 2014 after being cancer free for almost 7 years. That day in September, marked the beginning of the biggest rollercoaster of my life. I immediately packed my bags, left my career in entertainment behind and jumped on a plane from LA to our home in Lincoln, Nebraska. The next 8 months consisted of non-stop chemo treatments and then eventually relocating her to Seattle so she could undergo her second stem cell transplant in hopes of saving her life. My siblings and I fought alongside my mother day in and day out, determined to kick cancer’s ass one more time. Throughout it all, my mother’s spirit never wavered. Each of us held on to the belief that, no matter what, she would beat it again.  We couldn’t wait for the day we could fly her back home.

My mother passed away June 2nd, 2015.  Life after her death has been far from easy.  It truly turned my life upside down. Nobody can prepare you for that journey. I had felt like I hit rock bottom. Until I had hit my breaking point and I realized, that while my mother’s time may have been cut short, I was still here. And THAT is what mattered. And more importantly that I had the power to change the story.

As I finally faced reality, I knew I couldn’t go back to my life as an entertainment exec.  I realized that I had spent the last 8 years working towards someone else’s dream for me. But my mom’s death gave me a second chance. A second chance to finally follow MY heart and my dreams. So I decided to reboot my entire life. I knew that first, I had to get myself healthy again. I had to learn how to FINALLY start taking care of ME. I knew this time, that I couldn’t just focus on working out and eating healthy. I realized that for TRUE healing, I had to start at a much deeper level for my transformation to be complete and lasting.

I dove deep into personal development, nutrition and movement and along my journey to healing, I discovered my soul purpose. I knew exactly where I needed to be. Shortly after, I became a personal trainer, got a certification in sports nutrition and started Your Soul Sexy. I knew deep down my entire life that I was here for a purpose, and that was so serve others. To use my family and I’s life struggles and triumphs to help inspire others. My journey to self care is what truly saved me and help me find light within the darkness. And I decided to dedicate my life to helping others do the same.

My passion of inspiring others to create positive change in their lives and lead a life of purpose became fully realized through my mother. She is by far the most beautiful soul I have ever known. She taught me courage, strength, resilience, compassion & unconditional love. And most importantly, she never let me forget that true beauty shines from within and that there is nothing in this world that I couldn’t achieve if I put my mind to it and believed in my true power.

I created YSS in honor of my mom, but I created it for YOU! I created it as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about what’s really important and what’s really beautiful. And to help empower you to live a fit & healthy lifestyle, embark on new adventures, be an overall good human & most importantly, do what makes your SOUL happy!

I know all too well that tomorrow is never guaranteed. That every second we have in this life is a blessing. That YOU are a blessing. No matter where you are in your life or what you may be facing, it’s never too late to start living a healthy life with passion & purpose, to learn to truly love yourself, mind, body and soul, particularly when the going gets tough, and to live your best life possible. Because you deserve it!

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    August 12, 2016 at 11:47 am

    I’m sorry about your loss Sierra. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

  • Reply
    Sierra Nielsen
    September 13, 2016 at 3:47 am

    Thank you so much @TheLeanCeo! I appreciate you more than you know!

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