Home Workout Routines to Keep You on Track during Fall and Winter!

Staying on top of my workouts and health goals in the winter and holidays can be such a difficult task! But I DO love the holidays. Spending time with family and friends always recharges me for the new year ahead. Of course as you know, I’m also a BIG fan of gratitude as a practice and way of life, and I love this season because people naturally spend more time and energy on thankfulness and gratitude, and that’s always a good thing!  


However, there are some things that I haven’t always liked about the season because they used to present big challenges for me in achieving my health and fitness goals. Can you relate?


Before my mom passed away,  I spent the holidays with my family in Nebraska. And now I spend the holidays in Colorado with my siblings. Since I live in LA that means I travel, and travel disrupts my routine. I don’t always know if I’ll have access to a gym that suits my workout needs.


Also, let’s not forget that winters in Nebraska and Colorado are FREEZING! Me and the cold do not get along. Some days the last thing I want to do is exit the house if I don’t have to.


Both of these factors were obstacles for me until I came up with a solution – minimal equipment / equipment free, home workouts!


You can actually get a killer full-body workout from home, and you don’t even need that much space. I promise! Here are my favorite home workout routines:



1. Side lunge with chest press, 15-20 reps each leg
2. Push up into dumbbell row, 10 rows each arm (20 total pushups – do on knees if need to.)
3. Reverse lunge with bicep curls, 15 each leg (30 total bicep curls)
4. Banded glute bridge with abduction, 30 total
5. Banded single leg glute bridge, 15 each leg
6. Dumbbell Russian twists, 50 total
7. Scissor kicks, 50 total
REPEAT entire circuit 3-4X

Watch the full workout below:




If you’re looking for a lower body and core focused workout, here are my go to moves. All you need in a resistance band, which is the easiest thing in the world to travel with!

1. Plyometric Reverse Lunge Knee Up, 10 on each leg
2. Skater Curtsy Lunges, 10 on each leg
3. Banded Pop Squats, 20 reps
4. Around The World Lunge, 10 total reps
5. Side plank crunch/reach, 15-20 each side
6. Plank Lateral Toe Taps, 30 total reps (15 taps on each side)
7. Plank Shoulder Taps, 30 total reps (15 taps on each side)
8. Bicycle Crunches, 30 total
Rest for 1-2 minutes then repeat 3-4 times.

Watch the full workout below!



And if you live in a warmer climate or are willing to brave the winter cold, here is how you can get an amazing workout at your local high school stadium or using a outdoor staircase:

  1. Stair sprints (sprint up, jog/walk down)
  2. Lateral Stair Sprint Right Side (sprint up, jog/walk down)
  3. Lateral Stair Sprint Left Side (sprint up, jog/walk down)
  4. Squat Jumps (walk down)
  5. Twist Jumps (walk down)
  6. Alternating Lateral Squats (walk down)
  7. Push-up into Alternating Diagonal Plank, 10 reps
  8. Jump Rope: 1 minute

Repeat entire circuit 4 times.  

Watch the full workout below!



Everything in the videos above can be done without equipment, but if you’re able to invest in a few basic items, here’s what I recommend:

Workout mat: Sivan Health and Fitness ½ Inch Extra Thick Mat

Dumbbells:  Neoprene Dumbbells (super soft and great for at home!)

Resistance band: Perform Better Resistance Bands

Jump rope: Benran Jump Rope Adjustable Speed Rope for Cardio Training


There’s is no excuse to not stay in shape during your holiday adventures! Comment on this post if you have any questions.


FYI, I have some VERY exciting plans for my YouTube channel that I can’t wait to share with you. In the meantime, click here to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!


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