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7 Ways to Rock Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year! On Monday we will end 2018.

The new year is an exciting time. It feels like a fresh start. A time when anything is possible.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably making some resolutions, but you may not have the best track record with following through (I know I don’t always!).

That’s why today I want to share 7 ways to rock your resolutions this year.

These are 7 mindset shifts that I’m personally using to make sure I follow through on my resolutions this year, and you can use them too!

1. You vs Them – This year it’s time to be more selfish.

Ask yourself…

Are you pursuing a dream that isn’t yours?

Are the resolutions you are setting what you want for yourself or what society or your friends and family want for you?

If your resolution is someone else’s that’s fine, I get it, but switch it around so it’s something you are excited about.

This will naturally make you more motivated to actually achieve it!

2. Stop Focusing on Doing & Having and Focusing on BEING!

We are programmed to focus on doing in our society. If we get that job, or land that boyfriend, or lose that weight then we will be happy.

We get caught up in thinking that we must HAVE something and/or DO something before we can BE something.

I’ve got news for you. Your happiness and self-worth SHOULD NOT BE conditional.

You do not have to HAVE the ideal weight before doing the things you want to DO (start dating, go on vacation, etc) in order to BE happy.  You don’t have to have that perfect body to feel worthy. Because guess what. You already are!

It’s time to stop putting your life on hold until you lose weight. Start to live the full, rich, meaningful life you deserve today.

This year has to be about you. it has to be about figuring out how you want to FEEL  in this life and the person that you want to be remembered for. Nobody’s going to remember you for your fancy car, for all your accolades, for the clothes you were wearing, for what size you were, for what color you are, for how much money you have.

They’re going to remember you for your heart. They’re going to remember you for how you made them feel, for your courage, for your love, for the risks that you took in pursuit of your purpose.

3. Focus on the growth vs the outcome.

Again, we all too often pin our success on if we achieve a specific new year’s resolution or not. Don’t make your resolutions so black and white.

Learn to reach for the moon but be okay if you land amongst the stars.

Be able to look back and see how far you’ve come vs always looking at how far you still have to go.  So many people throw away their resolutions because of constantly failing to reach them when in reality they still made progress and got to a better place – which should be celebrated!

4. Practice gratitude.

When we feel grateful, we appreciate what is happening in our life – the people, experiences, and situations we encounter. We are not judging it, considering how things should be – we are simply thankful for what we have.

Being grateful doesn’t stop us from continually trying to progress and better our lives.  You can have the mentality that things are good now while also believing that they can continue to get even better! This spirit of continuous improvement allows us to progress and still be grateful for what we have now.

“Ugh, I am depressed that I am 42 lbs overweight.” With gratitude, you will be able to turn that thought into:

“Today I am grateful to just be here. I acknowledge that I may not be where I WANT to be in terms of my resolutions but I am thankful for the simple fact that I have the power to change the story. That I am on my way to making progress every day.”

You’re not going to get more of what you want until you’re thankful for what you’ve got, and that’s where it starts, to be thankful and plan our resolutions out of a sense of abundance.

5. Make your resolutions bigger than you.

Your life matters – and if you align yourself with the truth that you’re here not just to “get” but to give, no matter how broke you may be or how broken you feel, you have something to offer others. And when you finally make that realization and start giving, you will see your life improve dramatically. Because you now have another level of purpose and meaning in your life.

But why are we really here? We are here to help ourselves heal so we can heal the world. We are here to identify our true gifts and to use those gifts to give back to the world. To be of service.  We are here for connection.

In the end it’s all about relationships and experiences.  

For some people, self-help can quickly turn to narcissism. That is NOT the point of this journey.  We are not here to become obsessed with constantly getting to the next level that we start CONSTANTLY putting ourselves above all else.  

6. Create Space for Magic

In order to effectively make changes in our lives, we need to first be conscious or aware of the problems. About what’s preventing you from living that life right now? About identifying how have you been betraying your health and happiness.

So many of us are incredibly faithful to others but not to ourselves. That is a big problem.

So it’s time to detox. Just like clearing out your fridge – clear out the unhealthy stuff in your life. Eliminating things in our life that don’t help you evolve.Read more about how to do a life detox here.

You’ll love yourself more when you set limits or say no to work, love, or activities that deplete or harm you physically, emotionally and spiritually, or express poorly who you are.



7. Set Resolutions that are Risky and Out of your Comfort Zone

People that set resolutions in the comfort zone forget them. They’re just not compelling enough to actually really inspire us to get there.  

Nothing good happens in the comfort zone. If all you want is the life you’ve got now, if you don’t yearn for more, great. Set your resolutions in the comfort zone.

You want your resolutions in the discomfort zone. You want them to scare you a bit. To make you feel uncomfortable. To make you feel a little uncertain. Resolutions that feel a little risky. Those feelings are all indicators that you are aiming in the right direction.

This is where all the important stuff in life happens. This is where you achieve the breakthroughs. This is where you see real results. This is where you achieve things that you’re proud of, is in the discomfort zone.

Which of these 7 strategies stands out to you the most? Comment below to let me know.

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