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The 3 things you need to live a beautiful life

I was honored to be interviewed by Dr. Jeannette Graf on “Fab Skin, Hot Bodies” and I’m super excited to share this interview with you today because it’s one of my best yet!

In this interview we cover:

  • How to overcome growing up in an area where health wasn’t a part of the conversation
  • The one thing that got me out of an unhealthy place after my darkest moment (that you can use too)
  • Why I’m so crazy about nutrition as a way to HEAL any ailment you have
  • My main beliefs when it comes to diet and exercise and finding “balance”
  • Individual responsibility in finding the right information for you
  • My thoughts on the best way to eat for health
  • The #1 factor I think you are struggling with when it comes to health and what you can do about it
  • My favorite self-love practices
  • How to handle living in a social media world and the pressure to look a certain way
  • The 3 things you need to live a beautiful life


If you’re ready to jumpstart your self-love journey, let me help you! Grab your free self-love starter kit below.


What was your favorite part of the interview? Comment below to let me know!

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